Weekend Blues !!

“Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” -Rabindranath Tagore

Let's talk to Clouds!!

“Friends and More”

In the due course of my life, I have experienced different shades of friendship. As per the dictionary definition, “Friendship” is defined as “the emotions or conduct of friends; the state of being friends”. Well, I completely agree with this definition. Some bring you joy while others give you a bittersweet moments which stays with you for the rest of your life.

All forms of friendship have their own beauty, which shapes your life and teaches you a valuable lesson in their own way. I found comfort in each one of them at some point or another. Some gave me heartaches whereas some provided me the warmth in my coldest times. Some stayed, some left but they all gifted me something – memories. I will always be grateful to some of my friendships in shaping me into who I am now. Those who left taught me the art of endurances and the art of letting go. While those who are stuck with me always give me the strength and confidence to overcome all the challenges with hope and a bright smile. I click with some on similar tastes for music, art, idols, food, clothes etc. while with others the bond is as such that you cannot express them in words. Each have their own way of making me fall in love with myself. This might sound bit cliché but their love and warmth towards you make you realise that you are special in your own way.

I find it very intriguing that how people who are not related to you by blood nor stay with you 24*7 admire you for your existence itself. You do not have to talk to them every day neither you have to put in all your effort to make them special every day. You just have to make one phone call occasionally and boom you just are connected as if you met each other just yesterday. That is the power friendship- small investments with the highest returns. We just need to make the foundation strong and leave the rest on the time and space to build something marvelous. Turning a rock into a shining diamond. This is the only relationship where expectations are low but love and trust are on the highest peak. You are free from any judgment and prejudices here. It is a place where you can vent out all your feelings without being cautious and guards on. The constant ranting and bickering with them relaxes your perplexed mind. All those sleepless nights with them will always soothe your anxious mind and aching heart. People who value their friendship always are rewarded with the best gift of the humanity. While those who consider friendships as a luxury asset are missing the sweetest fruit of the heaven.

Cheers to all the beautiful forms of friendships without any boundaries of race, caste, creed, age, gender and species. If you have any such form of relation then just treasure them because they are the only ones who will remember you as a fool even after your death.