7 Deadly Social Sins: Relevance of Gandhian Prespective

Wealth without work, Pleasure without conscience, Knowledge without character, Commerce without morality, Science without humanity , Religion without sacrifice and Politics without principle

“Some rise by sin and some by virtue fall”

Yes the quote stated above is the reality of today’s world. Why is it difficult to find people who are hard working, having conscience with good character, high moral values, humanity, sacrificing nature and principles? Well there might be two solid reasons for this i.e. either our society is such that it compiled us to be become so or we find it to be an easy way to move forward just like a cheat meal when you are on diet. I would like to pose one simple question to all that – what is life without water? Many things might come to our mind when we hear this question but the ultimate truth or we can say that the one word answer to this question is death. Similarly when we gain knowledge, wealth, success, fame etc.. without doing any hard work or by wrong means we become lifeless rather we can say dead from within. But still we keep on doing this to fulfill our desires and will. Why?? To inculcate good habits and build values from within is much much easier than finding water in desert but still we indulge in such sins. It’s like a video game. We all play video and computer games on regular basis. All the game rules are known by us before we start playing the game. We have adequate time, well furnished room and all other necessary resources but still we end up using cheat codes to win the game. Why do we do so? Just because it is easy and less time consuming. And do we know what are the implications of achieving our goals and fulfilling our dreams by doing all the sins? We just lose everything- faith, self confidence, humanity, just everything. About 350 million people world wide suffer from depression and more than half of this number comprises of people who are successful and bright people. Why is it so? Well because they themselves know that whatever they have achieved is done by wrong means. At the end I would finish with few lines-

“We are punished by our own sins not for them, because few drops of dirt won’t pollute the ocean. In order to change this we need to change from within.”

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